Teeth whitening Gainesville

Teeth Whitening Gainesville

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Teeth whitening Gainesville
Teeth whitening Gainesville

At Magnolia Family Dental we offer patients teeth whitening Gainesville as well as cosmetic, general and restorative dentistry. Teeth whitening is quicker and easier than ever now with a simple and safe bleaching process that is done in our office. Depending on the level of teeth whitening needed, you may need more than one visit in order to achieve maximum whitening. Teeth bleaching is a safe and gentle procedure. Many of our patients find they are extremely happy with the whitening they receive at our offices.

Teeth whitening can either be done in the comfort of your own home using our take home tray, which many patients find very convenient, or at our offices. We’ll first create a custom made tray for the teeth. This tray allows us to apply the proper amount of teeth whitening gel in order to avoid the gums and prevent irritation. This method is safer than over the counter bleaching systems, which can be messy and do not provide proper coverage. Our easy to use take home whitening tray specially prepared by our dentist can be taken home and used on your own time. Simply place the trays on the teeth as instructed and leave them on for an hour or more, or overnight if a deeper level of teeth whitening Gainesville is needed. We can create the trays for you same day and in our offices.

Teeth whitening Gainesville is necessary to keep teeth looking bright and healthy, as over time substances like wine, coffee and nicotine can harm the enamel, making them look dull, yellow or brown and giving them a dirty appearance. Most results from teeth whitening last for a year or more if the teeth are kept clean and healthy and a good oral care regimen is followed.

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