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Gainesville Dentist

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Dental Office in Gainesville

Gainesville dentist
Gainesville dentist

Our practice here at Magnolia Family Dental includes many of the most valuable services that you’re looking for when it comes to routine care, prevention, restorations, and cosmetic dentistry. And in addition, our Gainesville dentist is also pleased to offer several options that are unique, such as OraVerse and Under Armour Mouthwear.

Before you can concern yourself with anything else, though, the top of the priority list has to be the maintaining of strong, cavity-free teeth, and healthy, vibrant gums. A visit to our Gainesville dentist every six months will support that, including a dental cleaning to eliminate any remaining plaque and tartar, the two substances that combine to cause the majority of challenges to your oral wellness. When you do have a cavity, which is likely at some point, fillings are placed simply and easily. To deal with decayed teeth or those that have become chipped or cracked, crowns are the handy solution. Our Gainesville dentist also provides bridges, dentures, and dental implants for the replacement of missing or lost teeth; either one, several, or all of the teeth on your jaw. A white smile filled with perfect looking and straight teeth can be had thanks to methods such as Zoom II In-office Whitening, take-home whitening, Lumineers, and Invisalign. We even have snore guards. And with OraVerse, no longer will you have to deal with the bothersome feeling of numbness that lingers from local anesthesia after your procedure has been done. OraVerse reverses the effects twice as fast as would normally occur. Another unique item we feature is Under Armour Mouthwear, which has benefits that go well beyond the standard sports guard for when you participate in athletics.

Why not schedule an appointment at our Gainesville dentist¬†office right now? Whether it’s your twice-yearly exam and cleaning or for one of the many other outstanding services we have, remember that we are here for you.

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