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Veneers in Gainesville

Gainesville Dental Care
Gainesville Dental Care

If you are not satisfied with the way your teeth look, we at Magnolia Family Dental can help. Maybe you don’t like the size, shape, color, or spacing of your teeth. It could be just one or several, but veneers give you a solution that makes for a brand new smile, even for issues like chips and cracks, crooked teeth, large gaps, misshaped teeth, and staining.

Veneers are thin shells that are made from porcelain in most cases. Each one is custom fit by our Gainesville dental care so that you will feel comfortable with them and they will blend seamlessly with your other teeth. The veneers are put over the fronts of your teeth, versus crowns that are placed on top of the tooth in question. Porcelain is a popular material for them because it matches your natural tooth color near perfectly, and has superior resistance to stain. It’s ideal if you are a smoker, a coffee or tea drinker, or you eat or drink any of the other known products that lead to tooth discoloration. Typically, our Gainesville dental care will require you to come in for three sessions in order to complete your veneers from consultation to final bonding. First, you will come in and discuss your cosmetic dental goals. Veneers are great, but they’re not right for everyone. If you do move forward, impressions are taken. The dental lab will use them to fashion your veneers. Our family dentist will then fit them to you. If adjustments are required, they’ll be taken care of. And only when you’re 100% sure you like them will they be put on permanently.

Arrange your first visit with our office and take that essential step toward a more attractive smile from our Gainesville dental care. Why settle for teeth that make you feel self-conscious?

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